8 Bit Boutique is an independent studio creating  deluxe bespoke art, collectibles and gifts inspired by Pop Culture, Video Games,  classic arcades and pinball
My Story --
I left a corporate job eight years ago now after a major life re-evaluation, and i started to redevelop the artistic skills that i had when i was younger. When i was little ( a long time ago! ) i wanted to be an artist, and so i decided to persue this goal when i turned 30. In the last eight years i have made over 20,000 pieces of pop art and 3D art, and worked with customers on custom art projects from dozens of countries on every continent on Earth. I have worked on commissions for several large ( and lots of small to medium sized ) companies also, producing a range of 3D art for PR and marketing departments. I have spent over 25,000 hours self teaching myself and developing my skills in this area, and im proud and confident of my work. I appreciate every single customer i have, from large commissions to individual pieces, as i know that without my awesome customers supporting my work, i would not be so lucky as to be able to do this as a full time living.
Production Methods
To create my 3D Art i first of all spend time on photoshop, working digitally on imagery to create approximately 12 different pages of graphics for each one piece of art. I then print the graphics using archival inks onto 320 gsm ultra gloss card stock, and then hand cut every single graphic and detail , and add hand touched elements to ensure all the pieces are perfect. I then assemble the many individual pieces , elements and layers, building the picture up into a three dimensional space, supporting the layers with foam care art board and balsa wood, until the final 3D diorama is achieved. Then i house the diorama art inside a deep wood shadow box, and mount using a hand cut bevelled cold press card mount Each limited edition finished piece is then signed and numbered on the reverse
Custom Orders
Custom Order Options: I take custom requests , and will consider any project you have in mind, for anything you want creating into a 3D shadow box piece. I especially take a lot of custom work for comic book covers, video games and movies, so if you have a favourite video game, comic book, or old movie or TV show that you would love to get a unique one off art gift made for, im happy to discuss.