Nintendo Gameboy Tetris ~ 3D Diorama Shadow Box

Nintendo Gameboy Tetris ~ 3D Diorama Shadow Box
3D Art Diorama - GameBoy Tetris

Deluxe 3D Diorama Art Piece ... an 3D imagining of a classic Gameboy with Tetris playing on the screen

The art is  printed on super premium high grade glossy card stock many times over, and then painstakingly precision hand cut and layered many times to create the eye popping 3D effect. It really feels like the art work is jumping right out of the frame.

The frame is solid wood, with a gorgeous mount, and glass frontage

Available in two sized  also two sizes ( 9 inches x 7 inches, and 15 inches x 12 inches, with both sizes being 1.5 inches deep.

Perfect for hanging or displaying on a shelf, and comes complete with hanger and stand
Weight 0.05kg